The town of Sderot is located in Israel’s beautiful southwest area, less than a mile away from the Gaza Strip. This location made it, since 2011, a permanent target for the “Qassam” and “Grad” rockets attacks, with an average of three or four each day. Israeli Ministry of Defense published a “Rockets Map” which discloses the exact time inhabitants of different country zones have to run for shelter before the rockets hit. In Sderot – citizens have 10-15 seconds. This disturbing fact caused the Israeli government build shelters everywhere, all over the city: near bus stops, on school roofs, on playgrounds, as well as individual room shelters in each private apartment: these are the APS – Apartment Protected Spaces. In any spot a person is at a given moment, around the town, he is able to find a shelter nearby. In this project, Guy documented the unbelievable “lifestyle” of Sderot inhabitants…

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